Japanese Company Seiko Set To Launch Seiko Prime Lenses in Europe

Japanese Company Seiko Set To Launch Seiko Prime Lenses in Europe

The optical products company Seiko is very excited to release their Seiko Prime lens portfolio all across Europe. These digital progressive lenses have done extremely well in tests, and the company feels confident letting the general public enjoy the benefits of this brand new technology.

Seiko stores in the UK have already received shipments of the Seiko Prime lenses. Employees at Seiko's UK branch told reporters that the test results from Seiko's European studies were extremely positive.

UK residents who experienced strange eye conditions were encouraged to send their prescriptions to Seiko. Seiko was determined to produce lenses using Seiko Prime to help correct even the most difficult vision problems. All of the tests performed by Seiko on various eye patients were successful.

Some people that tried the Seiko Prime lenses actually had discrepancies in vision between their two eyes measuring at over 0.5D. Everyone that tried the Seiko Prime lenses that specifically addressed these issues said that their ability to focus on objects was greatly improved.

The two brands people can try in this specialized lens line include Prime X and Prime Xceed. These are both considered progressive lens technologies that have features like active linear progression and twin-eye modulation technology (often referred to as TMT).

Employees at Seiko are especially delighted to reveal improvements on their distance and intermediate vision technology. Seiko has always been known for providing the best distance vision in the business, but now their lenses can help patients transition from distance to intermediate vision with great speed. Seiko's success in this area has to do with its developments in the active linear progressive corridor found in Seiko's latest lenses.

For those who are unaware, Seiko is actually a Japanese company that has many offices around the world. Actually, "Seiko" is Japanese for "precision." Seiko's office in Europe is called Seiko Optical Europe GmbH. This subsidiary is headquartered in Germany and supplies about 50 countries in Europe, the Near East, and Africa with Seiko's high-quality products.

People who have issues with astigmatism will find their eye movement improves greatly with Seiko Prime lenses. By using Seiko's advanced aspheric and panoramic lenses, astigmatism patients experienced a vast improvement in the quality of their vision. These glasses work by using certain calculations to help re-direct a person's eye rotation.

Seiko is confident it can find the right lens for every person. Their wide variety of power ranges, fitting heights, materials, and blank sizes have been used to treat both common and rare eye conditions. Patients all over Europe with eye problems will now be able to try out Seiko Prime for themselves in their local eye care shops.

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