NHS Has Average Wait Times For Cataract Surgery, New Study Shows

NHS Has Average Wait Times For Cataract Surgery, New Study Shows

A new report reveals the wait time to get a cataract surgery in the UK is slightly better than average compared with other industrialized nations. According to this survey, NHS patients usually have to wait 73 days before receiving this common surgical procedure.

The best performing country in this category was the Netherlands with an average wait time of only 37 days. Italy also did fairly well with a 50-day wait time for cataract surgery. Countries that fell into the higher range of 100-day waits include Portugal, Spain, and Finland.

This study, entitled How Good Is The NHS?, was put together to commemorate the NHS’s 70th anniversary. Mark Dayan, Deborah Ward, Tim Gardner, and Elaine Kelly were the key authors of this report.

Overall, study authors say the NHS struggles with higher than average mortality rates for stroke, heart, and cancer patients. Analysts also say the NHS doesn’t have as many doctors, MRI devices, or CT scanners as other industrialized nations.

On a positive note, researchers say the NHS does a superb job helping patients who are ill cover medical costs. The NHS also scores high marks when it comes to assisting patients with diabetes and other long-term ailments.

In total, researchers looked into health data from 18 OECD nations for this analysis. Funding for this research came from The Health Foundation, The King’s Fund, The Institute for Fiscal Studies, and Nuffield Trust.

Current estimates suggest about 20 million people have cataracts around the world. This number is only expected to increase due to the global aging population.
There are approximately 330,000 cataract surgeries annually in England. At least 30 percent of Britons over the age of 65 have cataracts in at least one eye.

Anyone can read the entire How Good Is The NHS? report on this website.

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