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Freshlook Colorblends

2 Lenses per box

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Freshlook Colorblends
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Available in colours:

3-in-1 color technology gives your own natural beauty a boost

FreshLook® COLORBLENDS® contact lenses use 3-in-1 color technology for a naturally beautiful look, whether you want a dramatic transformation or subtle enhancement. Even if your vision is perfect, experience a fresh, new look that's always you.


Outer Ring

Defines the eye

Primary Color

Transforms the eye color

Inner Ring

Brightens and adds depth

FRESHLOOK COLORBLENDS advanced color technology blends three colors on one contact. 3-in-1 FreshLook ColorBlends create the most natural looking eye color change ever. Each color is specially blended for the mostcolorblends realistic look with hazel around the pupil area and a charcoal outer colorburst pattern. They are available in Blue, Honey, Green, Gray, Turquoise, Pure Hazel, Amethyst, True Sapphire and the latest additions Sterling Grey, Brilliant Blue & Gemstone Green

These contacts are designed to be worn for one month or up to 30 times over a longer period for occasional wear, as long as they are properly cleaned and handled. Freshlook Colorblends.  

Please Note ....

All colors represented are only approximate and may appear different on the eye, depending on your eye color.

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Rated 4.1/5 based on 426 customer reviews

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Best so far

I have been using fresh look colourblends for at least 10 years and they have not let me down yet. They are very comfortable and the colours look realistic. I'm a black African woman and I have had all sorts of people walk up to me to compliment my eye colour and they have been stunned every single time I say they are coloured contacts. It has definitely made poor vision more exciting for me.

By from Accra, Ghana on 07.03.2020 00:47

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My fave contact lens brand

I have been using fresh look colour blends for many years, they look so natural and feel very comfortable. Since using fresh look colour blends this is my top lens brand and have never used anything else. I would highly recommend this product especially of you have dry eyes.

By from London on 07.03.2020 14:41

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Best lenses for all the right reasons.

I have used these lenses on and off for the space of five years, sometimes I have the impulsion to have blue eyes for a month or two. usually I just wear the standard Biofinity lenses which itch, dry and irritate my eyes quite often. however, when I use the freshlook color lenses, I can wear them for an entire month - 6 weeks without any problems at all. I often forget I am wearing them, they are also so durable that I have never had any problems keeping them in for an extra week at the beginning of a new month. Above all the comfort and lense quality, the look of them are so natural. on a few occasions people have asked me "you're eyes are stunning!" and I admit, they are stunning to look at. the colours are so natural but bold. I absolutely love these lenses.

By from Manchester on 08.12.2016 05:20

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Disappointed with these lenses, they didn`t blend with my own colour very well as there was sudden change from green to my own colour eyes. I have hazel eyes and you could see the green lenses but the clear area looked strange. I really didn`t like the appearance of the lenses due to the lack of blending on the lense.

By from Unknown location on 29.01.2011 15:47

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Blurred vision

I have worn normal prescription lenses for many years and thought it would be fun to try a pair of coloured lenses. I have medium brown eyes and went for the gemstone green freshlook colourblends. The colour was nice enough but the vision was so blurred. I think it was the colour on the lenses that kept getting into my field of vision. The vision was so bad that when I took the lenses out, I could see better without them in! I wouldn`t try again. Shame, because the colour choice is fun.

By from London on 28.01.2011 21:28

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blurry but colour is nice.

I bought grey and pure hazelnut.
for hazelnut, this is my third time to buy because it looks so natural and good.
my friend told me that she didn`t know I`m wearing contacts before she looks close. my eye colour is really dark brown (almost black) but this colour shows really natural. Just look like my real eye colour.
However, for grey.. I`m disappointed.
colour is fine but it`s too blurry so I can`t see clearly with this contacts.
I tried this at home but I couldn`t wear this more than half an hour because I feel like I`m blind..:(
it`s seriously blurry...

By from London on 27.01.2011 16:19

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was unsure what ones to order as didnt know wich ones would look best on my eyes, I have light brown eyes, i ordered the grey and pure hazel, the grey look wicked, my bf loves them .. the pure hazel look really natural. They make your eyes glossy and ehanced like your eyes are glazed I love them will def be ordering again!!!

By from CROYDON SOUTH LONDON on 21.01.2011 18:06

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love love love love them!!!!

i have been using them for about tow years now. never had any trouble whatsoever! they are comfy and beautifully enhances your features, i personally wear the grey or brown ones as they suit my skin tone more (olive skin)...I would recommend them any time and any day!!

By from Edinburgh, UK on 18.01.2011 02:49

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fast delivery

I am so pleased of my order,i got them the next day, which i don`t really expect that quick----i got exactly what i want.sterling grey looks magic....will order again...

By from Scotland,uk on 15.01.2011 19:41

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Horrible lens quality

I tried the Brilliant Blue on my quite dark brown eyes. The colour was beautiful BUT...
These lenses are horrific. Firstly they are so soft and flacid it`s like handling quicksand, putting them in is hellish. 10 minutes plus.
Once in, the lens is too big and floppy and slides around so you constantly see the edges of where the colour is on the lense.
The lenses feel awful in the eye - I`d survive them for an hour at most.
Colour - great, wearability & insertion make these binable. Expressions Colors are infinitely better lenses, this is like amateurish novelty lense quality crap.

By from London, UK on 15.01.2011 16:52

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I have blue eyes and was wondering whether to get the sapphire or the Brilliant Blue. I got the brilliant blue and they look amazing! Very striking so would not reccomend them for day wear but definitely in the evening. At first they were hard to get in but after lots of attempts you get used to it! Can`t wait to try other colours!

By from Worthing on 13.01.2011 18:24

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Anyone tried the brown coloured lenses? Please could I have some advice! :)

Hi, I`m a Chinese girl with very very dark eyes, you could say they`re black, and I really want to make my eyes stand out more by making them a little lighter! I`ve tried the grey and hazel lenses and they were very noticeable and looked quite nice, but not quite natural... i was wondering if brown would be better?? If anyone has tried the brown contacts could you tell me how they look?Oh and I like a dark brown, not a fake orangey/brown which I`ve tried before... I looked scary!
Thank you x

By from London on 06.01.2011 21:50

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I love them

I have started using Freshlook about 6 years ago, maybe more, I really love them...
They give you a completly new look!! I remember, the very first time, I took more than 45 minutes to put them on! and now it only takes me 2 seconds!!
FOR GIRLS, better put them before applying your make up as it might get messed up after!
No more than 7-8 hours otherwise your eyes will get red and this will give you headache!
Be careful about cleaning them as eye infections are reputated with lenses.
Always keep your lenses case on you!!! ALWAYS
They look so naturel that people don`t even knw they are lenses lol !

By from Crawley, UK on 29.12.2010 01:08

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Really good, but a little itchy

They look awesome! However, my eyes did get red after a few hours of wear and a bit sore, never infected...but i did have to take them out after a short period of time. Apart from this they are definitely worth the money!

By from Glasgow, UK on 27.12.2010 13:01

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my sapphire lenses came today in post,really chuffed with speedy delivery.and all i can say is FANTASTIC!!i have dark brown eyes and was anxious whether id look like an alien with dark hair and skin,and blue eyes,well everyone thinks there gorgeous so girls with brown eyes go for the sapphire!!

By from Guildford on 24.12.2010 20:27

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Love them :)

I love these lenses! My eyes are a green/brown, so I got gemstone green, and my eyes are now really green, but not un-naturally so! I`ve had some comments on my lovely green eyes, which is great! I found thet got quite dry after a while, but I`m a regular lens wearer anyway, so it wasnt really a problem. I`ll definately repurchase, might try the blue pair next!

By from Chester on 14.12.2010 20:23

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Brilliant Blue Lenses

Fantastic colour lens, I have green eyes and people always have to ask if theyre real!!!! I love them!

By from Peterborough, UK on 28.11.2010 14:18

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Green and True Hazel for me

I`ve been using Freshlook Colorblend for years and it does make a very big impact and change for Asian Dark.. almost black eyes. I will recommend Green and True Hazel for a Natural Everyday look and for a dramatic change... try the Sterling Gray. The rest of the colour are trial and error and defend what type of look you like to achieve. Green and True Hazel i`ll highly recommend.

By from Wilsthire, UK on 26.11.2010 04:31

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I don`t normally write reviews, but i was so amazed by these contact lenses, ive gotten so many compliments,
im Indian and my eyes are naturally brown eyed
i ordered the green coloured lenses just to see if they would make a difference, and they really do!!
I defiantly recommend

By from Leicester on 21.11.2010 15:15

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Stunning and Striking

I love these so much. I have dark brown eyes and am from pakistani/arab origin. I am fair coloured but have very dark eyes. I have tried the hazel (and although they came out more greener on me then what I thought they would) they looked stunning. Lol I actually had people staring at me. My husband loved them. The only downside is the watery eyes factor... aside from that I did not even notice I was wearing them.

By from Luton, UK on 16.11.2010 19:35

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I love them, they are brilliant value for money!!

Even though I suffer from Astigmatism, my optional decided to try these on me anyway. They are so comfortable and I forget they are in! I`ve so far tried 4 colours. I`ve got dark brown eyes and indian skin. Honey looked really fake and didn`t suit me at all. Green didn`t make that much of a difference, but they would be great for day to day use. Grey made a big impact and I love these, great for going out and making yourself known. My favourite have to be Pure Hazel though, fantastic colour, looks very natural and is also a very nice change from dark brown. Would highly recommend these, brilliant value for money and great service from, as usual :)

By from Lincoln on 08.11.2010 14:43

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Sterling grey

i ordered the sterling grey and i have very dark dark brown eyes, they are THE BEST contacts i have ever used and trust me I have used loads! they are comfortable and easy to wear, the colour comes up gorgeous !! everyone asked me if they were my real eyes, and told me how pretty i look with them! Theyre so natrual looking, and i always order these contacts, and i will always stick to them!

By from London, UK on 07.11.2010 12:17

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HMm if you want noticeable change then honey is kool but it is weird and unnatural in a twilightissh kinda way,,, i am dark skinned so it may not look so strange on lighter skinned people, I personally am a BIG fan of the Grey it blends with you eye colour (mine is dark brown) and still strangely looks natural same with the Hazel and green! I am a fan of colourblends generally been using them for years and as mentioned I am black and the natural colours look fine on me, having said that I havent tried other brands because these are a really good price and get delivered so quickly!

By from Luton, UK on 04.11.2010 12:33

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