30 Lenses per box
2 Lenses per box
30 Lenses per box
30 Lenses per box
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30 Lenses per box
No Quibble Returns, We have a no quibble returns policy

No Quibble Returns

We have a no quibble returns policy

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Secure Payment

100% protected by SecurityMetrics

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Welcome to Contactlensesplus.com

Do you know why you are paying so much for your contact lenses? The reason is straightforward - four main contact lens manufacturers based in the US and Europe supply over 95% of lenses sold. The result of this monopoly is high prices, particularly in the USA. You can read about all about why you are paying inflated prices for your contact lenses here.

So, we have decided to break this cozy cartel by supplying our own brand of Crystal Contact Lenses in both a daily and monthly version at prices up to 75% cheaper than what you are paying now.

We'll let you into a closely guarded secret that all Optometrists know - All soft contact lenses are virtually identical. 99.9% of them have the same back curve (that fits to your eye) and overall size.

Crystal contact lenses match those fittings, so they will fit your eyes. The powers you order stay the same. 

So, now the only major difference is the material of your contact lenses. We have chosen a high tech material that is fully FDA approved that your eyes will love.

How about if you can't get on with them?

Here's the great part. 

In the (unlikely) event that you are not completely satisfied with Crystal lenses, just tell us why and we will credit the cost of the lenses, so that you can put that money towards your regular branded lenses. So, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from the UK direct to you and soon from Vancouver. Delivery times to the USA are 28 days.

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Which is the Best Daily Wear Contact Lens in 2023?

Which is the Best Daily Wear Contact Lens in 2023?In order to find the best daily contact lens we looked at the technical specifications - the water content, availability of a UV block, oxygen transmission, wetting properties and material. On the prescription side, we looked at the powers that are available and overall size, and fitting characteristics. Not least we looked at the consumer experience - what was the customer feedback on the daily lenses and of course, the price. So here we go with our review and some final recommendations...

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