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2 Lenses per box

No matter how much you love your natural eye colour, chances are you’ve wondered what life would be like with a different pair of irises. Well, wonder no longer; cosmetic lenses are here to add some new colour to your life!   

We now offer professionally tinted contacts from big companies like CooperVision, Bausch + Lomb, and Alcon. Specific brand names in our collection include FreshLook, Expressions, SofLens, and Air Optix. 

In case you were wondering, people who have no visual issues could also order zero-powered coloured lenses for cosmetic purposes. Just be sure to visit a trained optometrist for a contact lens fitting before ordering your lenses.

Most of the coloured contacts offered on our website are monthly disposables, which means you wear them for 30 days, cleaning them each night and putting them in a contact lens case with a special solution that cleans them. 

In addition we offer daily coloured contact lenses, designed to be worn for 1 day and then thrown away, giving you complete ease and convenience. No messy storage solutions or cases!

As you’re looking through our website, also keep in mind the difference between opaque and enhanced lenses. 

In a nutshell, opaque lenses are intended to help change the eye colour of people with naturally dark eyes. A good example of this, and a very popular coloured opaque contact lens, is Freshlook Colors. these lenses have the unique property of completely changing a dark coloured eye, for example a brown eye colour, to a stunning blue colour!

On the other hand, enhancers were made for people who have lighter eyes and want to achieve a more subtle change in colour. Typical examples are going from green to brilliant blue. These lenses tend to give a more natural effect - most people would not notice you are wearing a coloured contact lens. A great example, that uses 3 in 1 technology to blend three different iris patterns and colours togteher to give a very natural effect is Freshlook Colorblends.

Once you get your coloured lenses, please treat them as you would any other pair of contact lenses. This means always washing and drying your hands before handling them, washing lenses in approved solution, and throwing them away after the expiration date. Also, never sleep, shower, or swim with coloured lenses on.  

Don’t see anything you like in our coloured lenses range? Please give our Funky Cosmetic Lenses a try! The bolder contact designs in this product line are very popular with customers interested in adding an extra spook-factor to their Halloween wardrobe.