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30 Lenses per box
30 Lenses per box
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Who Are Crystal

Crystal contact lenses are our own range of affordable, comfortable contact lenses.

After many years of listening to what our customers want from their contact lenses, worked with some leading contact lens manufacturers to bring you the Crystal family of contact lenses, designed to be affordable, comfortable, and, in slim line packaging for easy delivery.

The affordable pricing of Crystal contact lenses has meant a lot of people who couldn’t wear contact lenses because they were too expensive, and people who want to wear contact lenses but want to cut the cost, have a real alternative to the big four manufacturers and their high prices.

All Crystal contact lenses have UVA and UVB protection and are CE and ISO approved.

Currently, Crystal contact lenses are designed to correct shortsightedness and longsightedness, they have been designed for daily wear, and provide great comfort levels for up to 16 hours.

Crystal contact lenses have been designed to be easy on your eyes, and your wallet.

What Types Of Lenses Do Crystal Manufacturer

Crystal contact lenses are currently only available as daily disposable contact lenses, but, due to their affordable pricing a month's supply of Crystal contact lenses can work out cheaper than monthly lenses from one of the big four manufacturers.

Crystal Aqua Daily contact lenses work out at just £19.00 per month, that's less than 64p per day for daily disposable contact lenses. No more storing lenses every night in expensive solutions, simply wear a pair for a day and throw them away.

Where Can I Buy Crystal Contact Lenses

Crystal contact lenses are exclusively available at, you won't find them in the high street or online anywhere else.

Our Top Selling Crystal Contact Lenses

Crystal Aqua Daily - A daily disposable contact lens with Hyaluronic moisturising agent embedded in its core, which acts as a powerful wetting agent - providing great comfort from the moment you put it in, to the time you take it out. Crystal Aqua Daily is superb contact lens for dry eyes

Crystal 1 Day - A daily disposable contact lens that offers aspheric optics for great focusing, a moisturising agent for all-day comfort, and multi-back curves to provide great fit.

Crystal Hydro Daily - A daily disposable contact lens with advanced material Etafilcon A, offers great comfort all day.

Brief History Of Crystal

In 2010 took the decision to launch its own brand of contact lenses. We looked around the world to find reputable manufacturers, and spent time trailing their lenses, and just over a year later we launched the Crystal brand with it’s first lens, Crystal 1 Day.

  • 2011 - Crystal 1 Day was launched
  • 2012 - Crystal Monthly was launched
  • 2013 - Crystal Hydro Daily was launched
  • 2019 - Crystal Aqua Daily was launched
  • 2020 - Crystal Air Daily and Crystal Comfort were launched
  • 2022 - Crystal Monthly and Crystal Comfort were discontinued
  • Coming soon - Crystal monthly and Crystal coloured monthly lenses- watch this space

Interesting Facts About Crystal

Designed to be a great replacement to your regular contact lenses

Out sells the leading brand of Contact lenses

All lenses in the Crystal family receive over 4.6* in customer reviews


Do Crystal Make Contact Lenses For Astigmatism

Unfortunately Crystal contact lenses are only available in regular plus (+) and minus (-) powers.

Why Are Crystal Contact Lenses So Cheap

Crystal contact lenses are cheaper than the main manufacturers because we have no high street practices, no sales reps, and we keep our profit margins low, so that the customer can afford to wear contact lenses on a daily basis.

Can I Buy Crystal Contact Lenses On The High Street

No, Crystal contact lenses are only available online from

Do Crystal Contact Lenses Make Monthly Lenses

Unfortunately not anymore. Crystal did have a range of monthly disposable contact lenses, but has taken the decision to focus just on daily disposable contact lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses are hassle-free and require no storage, no solutions, no complex routines, and are recognised to be the healthiest option for your eyes as they are removed each night for a fresh pair, helping to reduce protein and lipid build-up, and reducing the risk of eye infections.


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