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1 Day Acuvue TruEye

30 Lenses per box

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1 Day Acuvue TruEye
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Product Info

Johnson and Johnson's latest generation of Acuvue daily contact lenses is 1-DAY ACUVUE TruEye. This advanced contact lens combines the benefits of more oxygen transmission (98%) with the highest UV protection (96% of UVA and 100% UVB blocked) to bring you a contact lens that can be worn comfortably and safely each day and then thrown away.

The TruEye contact lens is a world first for incorporating a new generation silicone into a daily lens, the result is a contact lens that lets almost 100% of the oxygen in the air to your eye. 1 Day Acuvue TruEye also has a high volume of moisture rich wetting agent embedded in the lens, making the lens ultra smooth for all day comfort and an ideal solution in our digital world where extra screen time can cause dry eyes.

1-DAY ACUVUE TruEye also have a visibility tint for ease of handling and a `123` inside-out indicator for ease of insertion.

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Why choose 1 Day Acuvue Trueye

  • 1-2-3 inside out indicator making them a great choice for new contact lenses wearers
  • Daily disposable Silicone Hydrogel contacts allowing longer wear times
  • Superb all day comfort
  • A Johnson and Johnson quality contact lens
  • Comes in 2 fittings and a wide range of powers


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Rated 3.9/5 based on 63 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Great all round lens

Comfortable contact lens, good for all day wear including work and sport - never really gets dry etc. Highly recommend this product to other contact lens wearers.

By from London, UK on 20.03.2020 21:54

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Have been using this for years and it is good, really comfortable to wear.

By from Unknown location on 28.02.2020 23:08

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Best brand I've tried

Compared to other dailies, these are the most comfortable contact lenses I've worn. Normally I can't wear lenses for more than a few hours, but these stay moist for much longer.

By from London, UK on 02.03.2020 19:43

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These lenses are fantastic, after spending a fortune on other disposables I will never use a different lense again. No discomfort, no dry eyes. They go in at 5,30am and come out at 10-11pm

By from Durham, UK on 29.09.2011 10:11

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Very comfortable

I work in IT, so I spend most of my days staring at a computer screen, when I do wear my lenses at work normally I find they get very uncomfortable by about 3pm, and I end up taking them out. These however, are the most comfortable lenses I've tried yet, have had them in before work still have them in now at 9:30pm. Not experienced any misshaped lenses yet, but this is only my second day wearing them.

By from Stockton-on-Tees, UK on 24.08.2011 21:32

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Not perfect, but best yet for dry eyes

I always find contacts a bit uncomfortable as I have dry eyes - especially in London on the tube! Although I found these a bit hard to get in at first as they are flimsier, I`ve found using eye drops first works fantastically. These are much more comfortable to wear for longer, don`t seem to dry out as much, even on the tube and several times I have been surprised when I remember I`m wearing them, as opposed to usual lenses that I can always feel.
They`re not perfect yet, but a big leap forward for me in comfort. I will probably wear every day instead of 3 or 4 times per week. Can be tricky to get in, and I`d agree with others that some of them are miss - shapen, which I`ve only realised after trying to get them in comfortably for 5 mins! I would recommend trying them. For me, price not that significant as increase in product performance great, and if they`re better for your eyes, then even better.

By from London on 24.06.2011 15:48

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BEST lenses ive ever used,try em u will see,top notch 100 % i cant fault them,they may cost more but you get what you pay for,if you spend less on alcohol and holidays then you will be able to afford them !,you only get 1 set of eyes so respect them,use also to prewet and if they get little dry as the day goes on use refresh eyedrops they are fantastic.

By from Knaresborough,north yorkshire. on 22.04.2011 11:39

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The lenses are very flimsy, so can deform easily and be quite uncomfortable. They also adhere worse to the eye than others I`ve tried, i.e. Focus Dailies, Purevision Toric etc. So you have to push them more, and that increases the likelihood of deformation.
Wouldn`t get these again, will try something else.

By from Cambridge, UK on 26.11.2010 17:32

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little bit too expensive!

I actually got these lenses because I was left with no choice, I had ulcers in my eyes due to the lack of oxygen from other lenses but this was actually due to the size of my irises which are aparently larger than normal, these lenses move about more because they actually fit, but I`m wondering why other people are using them if they don`t fit their eyes? there are loads of other products out there in smaller diameters that are just as good quality but cheaper surely?
And on the comments above, I have also found that there are a few misshapen lenses in the box as well which is a shame since they are almost �£1 per lense!

By from Scotland on 25.11.2010 15:55

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Unbiased opinion - Acuvue TruEye Daily Lens

Firstly I must say that Acuvue are without a doubt one of the best manufacturers of contact lenses around, over the years I have tried many different manufacturers and I always return to Acuvue Moists.
The Tru-Eye lenses are by no means bad, they are very comfortable to wear, but the Moists are still a better lens if you want long last comfort and Moist feeling eyes.
Whilst wearing these lenses I have noticed a build up of Rheum (sleep) in the eyes which becomes more prominent as the day progresses and becomes more irritable, they basically become sticky. They are also a more rubbery lense than the Moist. Remove a moist lens from your eye and let it dry out, you`ll find it can be easily crumbled to dust. Let a Tru-Eye lens dry out and it just becomes like a piece of tough polythene, in my mind a less porous lense
Stick with the Acuvue Moist Lenses.

By from Winchester on 20.08.2010 13:55

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Uncomfortable from the word go

I`d been recommended TruEyes by my optician, as I`m a fairly heavy wearer of contact lenses (approx 10 hours a day, seven days a week), and these are supposed to allow a lot more oxygen into your eye than standard disposable lenses. However, I`ve found I just cannot wear these lenses at all.
Immediately after inserting them, I get a burning feeling in my eyes, as though I have soap in them, and my eyes become red and bloodshot. This calms down over time, but my eyes then feel very dry and uncomforable for the rest of the day. I`m not sure if it`s the lenses themselves or the solution they`re stored in that causes this reaction, but I just cannot wear them.
I`ve used Focus Dailies and Acuvue Moist and would strongly recommend these over the TruEyes, particularly when you consider the significant price premium you have to pay for them.

By from Berkshire, UK on 28.07.2010 14:56

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Bad vision if you have astigmatism

Very comfortable lens so 5 stars for that but I have an astigmatism in both eyes and the vision was extremly poor. acuvue moist are much better

By from Herts on 11.07.2010 18:51

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Dodgy Lenses

Having just shifted to these lenses I have found them to be far easier on my eyes as they are very sensitive and dry out very easily. I am very interested to read the comments re dodgy lenses in the packs as I too had one of these but figured i must have done something to it somehow! I was really grateful to learn that I can get them replaced in the future. Thank you for this information :)

By from Cumbria on 19.06.2010 13:37

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I`ve used contact lenses for many years now, and am always looking for better lenses for my eyes. I sit by the computer all day at work and try to make sure I don`t strain my eyes more than I have to. So when I saw these, they sounded good, and I thought I`d give them a go!
Sadly, I have to say these lenses are by far the worst I`ve tried. I have moderately dry eyes, but with these I would put them in at 8 am and by 4 pm I`d feel like I wanted to scratch my eyes out! They feel fine when I first put them in, but within a few hours they`re uncomfortable and after 8 hours I just can`t take it any more.
Also, I`ve never seen so many deformed lenses in a pack as I have with these. Several of them were mis-shaped and bulgy, and I had to throw away a few because they just wouldn`t sit comfortably on the eye.
I did a little experiment where I put the TruEye in one eye, and my normal lense (Acuvue Moist) in the other, and there was a huge difference. Funnily enough, the eye with TruEye in was the redder looking, and by far the most uncomfortable.
Thankfully I only bought two packs of these so have nearly finished them. I won`t be buying them ever again! It`s back to Acuvue Moist for me!
I don`t normally leave reviews, but these are so bad I just had to. Save your money and your eyes, people!

By from London, UK on 23.05.2010 13:33

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I have sensitive and dry eyes so normally I don`t wear contact lenses at all. On occasions when I do wear contacts I use Acuvue Moist. I was very happy with them although my eyes would only bear them for about 6 hours. I bought Acuvue TruEye hoping the comfort would be much better but I can`t cope with them at all. I insert them and they are feeling scratchy straight away! I can not wear these at all :-( Going back to Moist.

By from London on 18.05.2010 00:56

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Excellent but prone to dodgy batches?

As a previous poster mentioned - these lenses sometimes appear misshapen and distort vision.
However this website was great - it exchanged my lenses.
The lenses themselves are tremendous (when they do what they should!)

By from Unknown location on 20.04.2010 22:30

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Good but tear a lot easier

Ive been waering contact lenses for years now, and have always struggled due to having dry eyes. i tries these contacts and they are good, but probably no better than Accuvue Moist and the Tru eyes tear so easily just by putting them in your eyes, so im going back to my normal ones!

By from West Midlands, UK on 25.01.2010 10:48

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Sometimes Deformed?

While the lenses are very comfy to wear and my eyes are alot more comfortable throughout the day has anyone else found that they often have at least one misshaped lens in the box? I`ve not experienced it with any other lenses I`ve tried and find it a bit annoying considering I`m paying a premium and regularly throwing away around 3 lenses from each pack.

By from London on 11.12.2009 14:27

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A marked improvement on existing lenses and miles better!

After consideration of my options and a couple of posts in the forum to get some (very helpful!) answers to questions I had, I splashed out in some Acuvue Trueye lenses.
I am pleased to say that they are much more comfy than my old lenses!
As per the anonymous post a little earlier, I can wear them for longer with less discomfort as they seem to retain moisture better, and the blood vessels in my eyes are a lot less prominent at the end of the day so clearly they are not having to work so hard to deliver oxygen to my eye tissue, so the higher oxygen transmission is a good thing!
I would definitely recommend these, they are a marked improvement over older lenses in my opinion, even the high water content versions.
I`ve gone from only being able to wear lenses for about 12 hours before my eyes dry out and they start to cause me pain, and never more than two days in a row, to being able to wear them for 16 hours and still have them comfortable when I`m taking them out. My eyes no longer hurt or dry out anywhere near as much, and I`ve even found myself going to push my glasses up my nose by mistake!
The only thing I think I would change is to offer an alternative diameter of them, as 14.2 feels a little large for my eyes and a smaller version (13.8?) would fit better. They could perhaps also be a little cheaper, but I think I would rather pay a little bit more for the extra comfort they offer. (Hopefully they will come down in price and have more size options as more companies start offering silicon lenses!)
Overall a definite thumbs up from me. Give them a go, I don`t think you`ll be disappointed!

By from London, UK on 13.11.2009 17:58

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Good but not really worth the extra cost

Sadly, unlike most of the other people here I`ve actually been a little disappointed with these lenses. They`re certainly not bad lenses or particularly uncomfortable but I would say that upon insertion (which is occasionally fiddly due to their size) they are less moist than the cheaper Acuvue Moist lenses. True, they don`t degrade in their moisture throughout the day as badly but for the price and the reviews I was expecting better.

By from London, UK on 03.11.2009 09:53

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Very good lenses, I felt the difference as soon as I put them in. I have normally stuck to the Focus Dailies which aren`t too bad but these are much more comfortable especially if you suffer a bit from dry eyes.
I could quite easily wear these all day if needed. Should have given them 4 stars because they are a bit pricey, but darn it they are so good!

By from York, UK on 26.08.2009 17:31

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The most comfortable lenses ever, worth every penny!

I have sensitive eyes that dry out easily, have tried loads of different types of lens over the past 8 years and have never found a pair I could wear comfortably. I`d usually end up taking them out mid way through the day. Then I tried TruEye and can absolutely say they are worth every penny! They are so comfortable I put them in at 7 am and still can`t even feel them at 11 pm. Not only are they so comfortable I can`t feel them, they are made to allow for longer wear and let more air through than most lenses; the whites of my eyes are so much brighter than they`ve been in years and i`ve only been using them a month! I`m shocked at the effect the cheaper types had on the brightness of my eyes and will never go back. About time a decent lens came on the market!

By from Altrincham, Cheshire on 21.08.2009 22:27

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Best Lenses I have ever had.

I suffer from dry eyes, but this hasn`t been a problem with these lenses! They feel fresh all day and long into the night! They are worth the extra cost. I could never go back to Focus lenses again!

By from Cardiff on 12.07.2009 19:45

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