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Soflens Daily Disposables

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SofLens Daily Disposable
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Product Info

Bausch + Lombs' Soflens Daily Disposable contacts with Aspheric optics are designed to enhance vision even in low lighting conditions and helps with peripheral vision. 

Bausch and Lomb have included their ComfortMoist technology in this extremely thin contact lens, providing high levels of all day comfort with a "contacts free" feel. 

Soflens Daily disposable contact lenses also benefit from a slow release solution which helps create a "cushion of moisture" around the contacts. According to a survey by Bausch and Lomb in 2011 SofLens daily disposable contacs combine outstanding all-day comfort with incredibly crisp, clear vision, especially at night.

Being a daily disposable contact lens there is no need for cleaning solution, cases etc with Soflens Dailies you simply wear them for one day then dispose of them for a fresh new pair the following morning keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear. 

An added bonus is Bausch - Lomb's new blister design allowing for easier opening and the click together packs allows for easy storage and travel.

Why Choose Soflens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

  • Designed to give a natural "contacts free" feel
  • ComfortMoist technology for all day comfort
  • An Aspheric lens providing a better fit and more stable vision
  • Daily wear contactss providing ultimate convenience
  • Affordable Daily contacts
  • Blister pack designed for easy opening and removal of contacts


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Rated 3.6/5 based on 100 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Perfect lenses Perfect price

these contacts are the same I get from my opticians but half the price and does the same job!

By from London on 04.03.2020 10:47

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Great lenses

These lenses are really comfortable. Good price and good service when ordering them and love that I can quickly reorder!

By from Nottingham on 04.03.2020 08:11

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Long lasting wear

Other lenses have made my eyes dry up during the middle of the day or become itchy. These lenses see me through the day and feel natural to the eye.

By from West Midlands on 19.03.2020 19:13

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Don’t buy these

They’re awful. They’re soft, yeah.. but they’re so soft they won’t got in your eye! When I put them on my finger tip they just lose their shape and I can’t put them in, when I eventually get it to a position they’ll go in my eye, they don’t cling to my eyeball and just stay on my finger. The few times they do go on my eye they just fold right out of it!

By from Glasgow on 19.03.2024 18:40

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Difficult to use

I tried these as they were a bit cheaper than my usual brand. I found them very difficult to apply to my eyes and if I was successful, it would often fold up in my eye so I'd have to remove it. They are just too thin and flimsy. Luckily I only bought one month's supply and I've now returned to my usual brand.

By from Southampton, UK on 15.12.2023 08:05

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Difficult to put in

Tried this brand while my usual was unavailable. Keen to give it a fair chance and not make a knee jerk judgment, but have consistently found them difficult to apply - not sitting well on the eye and repeatedly popping out. Quite inconvenient and will opt for something else when i run out again.

By from Scotland on 22.09.2023 14:02

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Really poor quality

I’ve been wearing various brands of contact lenses for years, and this is the first time I’ve had any issues. These lenses wouldn’t stay in my eye, and if they did, they’d fall out. As others have said, avoid.

By from Unknown location on 18.08.2023 12:53

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Hard to get into eyes, felt dry throughout the day.

These lenses were given as a substitute to my normal lenses. They are more difficult to put in eyes (5-10 attempts each) and they feel dry almost instantly rather than at the end of the day. I wouldn't order these at all.

By from Lancashire, England, UK on 06.03.2023 19:06

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Very uncomfortable and couldn't wear for long

I was sent these as a replacement as my usual lenses were out of stock. Absolutely awful, felt uncomfortable after a few hours, dried out quickly, sometimes they just wouldn't go into my eyes comfortably and i would just give up trying causing me to throw the lens away. This was the first time i had to purchase eye drops in order to help me get through the day with them on.

By from Uk on 15.10.2022 05:23

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Terrible lenses

I was sent these as a replacement for my usuals. I have worn contacts for nearly 20 years so I know what I'm doing. These were awful! On a number of occasions I thought they'd got 'lost' in my eye but it turns out they'd just fallen out. The first time I even went to the opticians as I was worried because I couldn't find it but it felt like something was still in there! I thought it might be a one off so tried again a few days later but it happened again. Money is tight so I've worn them a few other times out of necessity and they have continued to let me down. I would never buy these given the choice!

By from Staffordshire on 28.08.2022 07:19

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Safe, comfortable and reliable and better than others!

I have tried a few brands and always come back to Soflens. I see that the price has been inflated in this store recently by a lot, and that this store is also heavily promoting another brand saying how much money can be saved. All I can say is, I have used these Bausch&Lomb lenses for about 15 years and they have never popped out, tear much less than some other brands, and for me (with dryer eyes) are still comfortable after a day's wear. I would suggest checking prices via Google. (I now wonder if this review will be published!)
Editors Comment: We are pleased you are happy with Soflens Daily. However, manufacturers, especially Bausch & Lomb, are currently increasing prices significantly. The latest price rises were in the region of 25 - 40%. We have no option but to pass these on to the customers.
To help customers with raging contact lens price inflation, we offer our own Crystal Aqua as a low cost daily lens alternative. It is a more advanced material than Soflens and a money back guarantee if you are unhappy in any way.
With the new price rises in place for Soflens daily, Crystal Aqua can save you £362/year. A lot of customers find that saving very useful in these tough times.

By from UK on 15.08.2022 09:51

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gum up constantly

as some other reviewers have mentioned, i found these lenses to dry out or gum up constantly. eyedrops or cleaning them didnt help and on these occasions they had to be discarded and replaced.
I found it extremely annoying and am replacing them before ive run out as its a constant irritation

By from Devon on 10.06.2022 11:56

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My go-to lens

I've been wearing these for years. A very good quality, comfortable lens. Never had an issue.

By from Houston, USA. on 14.03.2022 13:34

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Wouldn't buy again - too many downsides.

I got these lens in place of my regular £6.99 (Crystal one day) as they were out of stock.
I've been wearing lenses for 26 years and I have never had to put lenses in the 'right way' ie - whatever way they come out of the tab I don't look to see if they are curved a certain way or look at the ridge, they go in and they are comfortable. BUT these lenses you have to put in, more often than not they are the wrong way and are scratchy on eye and/or just don't feel right. Or they just pop out and won't go in - I spent a few very frustrating school run days where we were late because I couldn't get my lenses in! Unacceptable. Plus someone else mentioned this too, they fall out if you sneeze, the wind blew one out one day - again in all my 26 years of lens wearing this has never happened before. I probably wasted half of the lenses.
I found that sometimes also they went blurry/white - I messed around moving it around in eye, adding drops etc etc but in the end on these occasions I had to just take out and put in a new one or just wear glasses for the rest of the day. I've hardly ever remembered to carry lenses when out and about in bag/car etc but while using these I had to because I never knew if they would malfunction and I couldn't get home.
I love contact lens UK and been a loyal customer for many many years and this is no reflection on them at all! They replaced my lens that were out of stock with those of a much more price tag - nearly double and I expected to notice the difference and I did (but in a BAD way) I will go back to my trusty £6.99 lenses that I have never had any problems with at all and are comfortable and I can rely on day in day out.

By from London, UK on 04.10.2021 12:04

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Comfortable but Awkward

Once in they're comfortable and will only go dry and cloudy if worn for an excessive period of time which is fair...however they are very VERY easy to blink out. In hay fever season a couple of hard sneezes or any tiny touch to the eye they're out which is hugely frustrating. I am an experienced lens wearer and insertion ordinarily takes me seconds, however these are incredibly difficult to insert. The eye seems to reject them, they instantly peel back or fold up. They're wearable once in but certainly won't be reordering due to the hassle of insertion - ten minutes to place them in comfortably is excessive. There are definitely better quality lenses out there for similar prices.

By from Kent, UK on 30.04.2020 16:14

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Comfortable and good value and your service is amazing. V fast delivery and easy website

By from Unknown location on 24.03.2020 07:58

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Great lenses!

Very easy to work with. Do not rip or tear easily. Have worn them for years and never had a problem.

By from USA on 23.03.2020 15:28

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Great contacts, I've been using for years

I've been using these contacts reliably for years.

By from London, UK on 23.03.2020 14:29

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Great dailies

I have been wearing this brand of dailies for more than ten years now and have never had any issues. Will keep using them and would recommend immediately.

By from London, UK on 23.03.2020 11:16

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Very comfortable.

Very comfortable lenses, don’t usually itch. I can wear them for long hours with comfort.

By from South Wales, UK on 23.03.2020 09:31

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Used these for years, great stuff

Always comfortable, have used this brand for around 10 years. Tried other brands but these are so light and comfortable, even on the occasional long day of wear.

By from Hartlepool, UK on 23.03.2020 09:31

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Great Product - Reasonable price

I have been using this product for 6 years. I love the price and the lenses are really comfortable. The quick delivery times are vital too. Only downside is the packaging which can be a little delicate but overall, a great product.

By from London, UK on 23.03.2020 08:32

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Been using this company for years

Reliable delivery, quick and good customer service. In all the years of using this company I’ve only had one issue and it was rectified quickly and I was offered a great solution.

By from Bedfordshire on 23.03.2020 08:22

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