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Soflens Daily Disposables

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SofLens Daily Disposable
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Product Info

Bausch + Lombs' Soflens Daily Disposable contacts with Aspheric optics are designed to enhance vision even in low lighting conditions and helps with peripheral vision. 

Bausch and Lomb have included their ComfortMoist technology in this extremely thin contact lens, providing high levels of all day comfort with a "contacts free" feel. 

Soflens Daily disposable contact lenses also benefit from a slow release solution which helps create a "cushion of moisture" around the contacts. According to a survey by Bausch and Lomb in 2011 SofLens daily disposable contacs combine outstanding all-day comfort with incredibly crisp, clear vision, especially at night.

Being a daily disposable contact lens there is no need for cleaning solution, cases etc with Soflens Dailies you simply wear them for one day then dispose of them for a fresh new pair the following morning keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear. 

An added bonus is Bausch - Lomb's new blister design allowing for easier opening and the click together packs allows for easy storage and travel.

Why Choose Soflens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

  • Designed to give a natural "contacts free" feel
  • ComfortMoist technology for all day comfort
  • An Aspheric lens providing a better fit and more stable vision
  • Daily wear contactss providing ultimate convenience
  • Affordable Daily contacts
  • Blister pack designed for easy opening and removal of contacts


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Rated 3.6/5 based on 100 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Perfect lenses Perfect price

these contacts are the same I get from my opticians but half the price and does the same job!

By from London on 04.03.2020 10:47

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Great lenses

These lenses are really comfortable. Good price and good service when ordering them and love that I can quickly reorder!

By from Nottingham on 04.03.2020 08:11

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Long lasting wear

Other lenses have made my eyes dry up during the middle of the day or become itchy. These lenses see me through the day and feel natural to the eye.

By from West Midlands on 19.03.2020 19:13

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Dont buy

I bought these lenses and thought I would give them go never again I put them in the bin took ages to put in the would curl up very uncomfortable and dangerous would not recommend them

By from Weston super mare on 06.07.2019 15:51

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Thick and fall out, uncomfortable poor quality - avoid

These are so thick I often have to reapply another pair because immediately my eye blinks them out. They are pretty uncomfortable and i am not a fan. Will not be reordering this brand.

By from London on 27.03.2019 08:35

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Don't waste your money

These are the worst lenses I've ever used, more have went directly to the bin than in my eyes and on the few occasions that I have managed to get them in my eyes it has taken over 30 minutes compared to the normal minute or two.

By from Scotland on 08.03.2019 20:13

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Not keen. Too fragile and spent a while trying to unravel them, when taken out of the packaging. My eyes felt quite dry with these, but they are more comfortable than the Crystal, but not as comfortable as Dailies or ProClear lenses. I think after trying and testing, I will be sticking with ProClear in future.

By from Durham, UK on 15.12.2016 18:05

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Takes ages to insert!

The lenses are ok when worn, but not as good as the crystal dailies in terms of comfort after 8+ hours. Also, i did not notice any HD vision benefit. But the main problem is how long they took to insert due to their flimsiness!

By from London UK on 24.02.2015 11:13

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Very reliable, I recommend them

I have now tried 3 brands of disposables and found that the others (eg Crystal) are less comfortable - I can feel them when I blink and can't wear them all day. I also ended up in A&E with another brand, as they tore apart in my eye when I was removing them. Bausch & Lomb Soflens are very very reliable - no breakages, no discomfort, just excellence.

By from UK on 29.12.2014 15:00

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Great quality at a good price

I have been using these lenses for 15+ years. and have never had a problem. They do not dry out by mid afternoon and are still flexible when I take them out at night, unlike other makes that I have tried periodically because they have been recommended. Great quality at a good price.

By from Norfolk UK on 13.11.2014 08:28

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The worst lenses I have ever used - avoid!

I usually use Focus Daily Aquacomfort PLus which I have never had an issue with, but thought I would experiment with some less expensive alternatives. What a mistake that was! These lenses caused me discomfort every single day. It takes about 30 minutes every day for the discomfort to subside, leaving me with eyes streaming and blurry vision! That`s on the days that the lenses ever become comfortable - often they are irritating all day. I have lost count of the amount of times I have had to replace a lens because it just won`t stop itching/being dry. I have been wearing lenses for over 10 years now and am very experienced at inserting/removing them so I know this is a problem with the product and not myself. This is the first time I have ever been conscious to the fact that i`m wearing lenses! Usually, and quite rightly I can`t feel them. With every blink I can feel these lenses and it`s quite a horrible experience. Another thing, is the lenses are very flimsy and can rub out very quickly (and with these, you`ll be rubbing your eyes a lot). AVOID these lenses, it`s not worth the small amount of money saved! I`m honestly quite angry to have had to go through this terrible lens ordeal, you would expect to receive only good quality product from a reputable site like this.
Site Comment: Soflens daily Disposable lenses are a quality product supplied by Bausch & Lomb. But all lenses do not suit all people and, regrettably, this was the case with this customer.

By from Leicester on 27.04.2014 13:41

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I bought these to try as they were on offer.i found them to be total rubbish! I have wasted 5 pairs just trying t get them to stick to m eye. Not even gonna bother with trying anymore !defo going back to crystal dailies

By from Wakefield west yorkshire on 19.11.2013 13:22

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very flimsy and tricky to insert and easy to 'rub out'

I was sent these as a free upgrade substitute for the much cheaper crystal dailies. They may or may not be "better lenses" but they didn't work for me. I had real difficulty getting them to stick without folding. I also lost one or two in my eye after rubbing my eyes and several fell out for the same reason. The crystal dailies are admittedly much more like a lump of solid plastic but I usually only wear them (one eye only) for golf or sport and find them to be reliable and dirt cheap and as time goes on, more comfortable.

By from Berkshire on 19.10.2013 19:37

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poor lenses

This is the only type of lenses I've ever had that feel uncomfortable, hurt my eyes by the end of the day and are hard to get in. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

By from Glasgow on 11.10.2013 17:24

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long wear

I have been wearing these for years. I use a pc for long hours at work and read and sew out of work- so lots of work for my eyes. I wear the lenses for long hours (more than the opticians always say is ideal..) and never have any problem with the lenses.
I napped/slept on and off in then on a long transatlantic flight recently and my eyes were fine.

By from Milton Keynes, UK on 26.09.2013 13:13

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Never again

I was sent these as a replacement for the crystal dailies I normally use without issue. These are really thin and don't stick to your eye. It must have folded up at least 8 times when inserting it, everytime I blinked it fell out. It also fell out when I rubbed my eye. I had to throw several away. Once these have gone, I won't buy any more, they're very poor as it takes me ten times as long to put them in.

By from Swadlincote, UK on 02.08.2013 17:57

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Not for me

Had these as a replacement for Crystal Dailies which were out of stock.
I didn't find them very easy to fit and have lost about 6 lenses in the process. Considering these are £6 dearer than my usual lens I find the cheaper
option is a far better alternative.

By from Hampshire on 13.05.2013 14:34

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worst lenses ever

having used cystal lenses with no bother..I was sent these as an alternative..and can say that they were twice the price and without doubt the worst lenses I have ever used..they fold up on your finger..they pop out when i blink..and they dry out within a few hours...will DEFINITELY NEVER buy these again......

By from North East England on 29.04.2013 07:54

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Really drying and tire/blur my eyes.

I purchased these because they were on sale and the cheaper ones I usually get were out of stock. But they are so drying within a few hours, hurt my eyes and make them so tired. Easily blur. I am quite unhappy with the quality of these and purchased 3 months worth, so not sure what i'll do as they make my eyes so uncomfortable. I prefer the Crystal Dailies which are the cheapest brand on here for dailys.

By from London, UK on 14.03.2013 14:40

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Never again

Tried these in place of my usual that we're out of stock, glad i only bought one box, difficult to get out of fiddly container, then near impossible to get to attach to eyeball, once in, no difference to others i found, although this time i shall buy the more expensive alternative till my usual are in stock.

By from London, UK on 13.03.2013 17:57

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Terrible lens

Ive been wearing daily lenses for many years. Usual lens acuvue daily. Tried crystal as 1/4 price but as discomfort occurs after 10 hrs I decided to try mid range lens. These are unbearable within very short period & more costly than crystal. Going back to acuvue for comfort & good visibility.

By from Newcastle on 09.03.2013 10:24

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Better than the focus dailys

I use these when i go kitesufing. Even if i get water sprayed directly into the eye the atay firmly in place. I was allways loosing the focus contact lenses or having the move on my eye with the slightest bit of spray.

By from Glossop on 27.02.2013 11:55

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Highly recommended

I used to wear Focus Daily lenses and my eyes were constantly dry (I could only really cope with wearing them for 4-5 hours), one lense broke into pieces in my eye whilst trying to remove it & they were not very cost effective. These lenses I can wear from 8am to midnight without any issues at all. The only time my eyes feel dry is when I'm in air condotioned places which is common with any contact lenses. A few people have posted reviews saying they cannot get the lenses to stick to their eyes....I have had this issue too and I think this is becuase they are a slightly larger diameter than my other lenses and they are SO soft! If you place them directly on to the centre of your eye this will not happen. I've been doing this for a month now and I've not had the problem once since. I always envied people who said they couldn't even feel their contact lenses but now I am one of them! Fantastic product.

By from Swindon, UK on 21.01.2013 11:54

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