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Soflens Daily Disposables

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SofLens Daily Disposable
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Bausch + Lombs Soflens Daily Disposable contacts with Aspheric optics are designed to enhance vision even in low lighting conditions and helps with peripheral vision. 

Bausch and Lomb have included their ComfortMoist technology in this extremely thin contact lens, providing high levels of all day comfort with a "contacts free" feel. 

Soflens Daily disposable contact lenses also benefit from a slow release solution which helps create a "cushion of moisture" around the contacts. According to a survey by Bausch and Lomb in 2011 SofLens daily disposable contacs combine outstanding all-day comfort with incredibly crisp, clear vision, especially at night.

Being a daily disposable contact lens there is no need for cleaning solution, cases etc with Soflens Dailies you simply wear them for one day then dispose of them for a fresh new pair the following morning keeping your eyes healthy and your vison clear. 

An added bonus is Bausch - Lomb's new blister design allowing for easier opening and the click together packs allows for easy storage and travel.

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Why Choose Soflens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

  • Designed to give a natural "contacts free" feel
  • ComfortMoist technology for all day comfort
  • An Aspheric lens providing a better fit and more stable vision
  • Daily wear contactss providing ultimate convenience
  • Affordable Daily contacts
  • Blister pack designed for easy opening and removal of contacts


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Rated 3.8/5 based on 92 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Perfect lenses Perfect price

these contacts are the same I get from my opticians but half the price and does the same job!

By from London on 04.03.2020 10:47

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Great lenses

These lenses are really comfortable. Good price and good service when ordering them and love that I can quickly reorder!

By from Nottingham on 04.03.2020 08:11

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Long lasting wear

Other lenses have made my eyes dry up during the middle of the day or become itchy. These lenses see me through the day and feel natural to the eye.

By from West Midlands on 19.03.2020 19:13

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Tried them once, can`t stop buying them. Perfect lenses for work with pc, driving or everyday use. Really crisp vision, just as B&L describe them on their website!

By from UK on 27.04.2011 15:50

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One blink and its out, Ive used about 8 of them and they will only stay in my left eye for a little while. If you are going to get these or any others just get the min (1 box) to see if they work for you. If I hadn`t I would be a bit upset but they are only £13 so its not a huge loss.

By from MK on 11.03.2011 14:01

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I ordered these lenses as they are the only dailies I could find with my measurements as I wanted to switch from monthly wear.
BIG mistake - they are so thin they are too flexible! Struggled to get the lense in and when I did, after blinking a few times it fell out! Never had that before. Didn`t try to put another one in - useless!

By from Norfolk, UK on 22.01.2011 14:10

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complimenti per la tempestiva spedizione.Sono sbalordito!

Serietà, tempestività. Ottimo sito, sono rimasto sbalordito del servizio.

By from Sicilia provincia di Enna on 03.12.2010 10:24

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on nights out

I wear monthly most of the time but when Im on a night out or a long evening, I like to wear daily ones. Easy to put on, and does the job. I find that they last up to about 10-12 hours, then they start to get a bit dry. If when you first put them on they`re dry and dont `stick`, then put them back in the solution give it a shake and then try it again.

By from London, uk on 20.07.2010 19:55

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Very fast delivery and excellent help via phone

I am truly amazed at the service I have received, I wasn`t sure which lenses covered my prescription I have with a leading high street optician, so I called and the girl I spoke to was very helpful and told me what I needed to order. I placed the order at 15.00hrs and my lenses arrived the following morning! I used to have to wait a week when ordering with my old supplier! The added bonus is I have paid half the price too, brilliant service will recommend to all my friends and family.
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By from Solihull West Mids on 04.06.2010 12:13

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Can`t get them to stick to my eye

I just wasted 4 pairs trying to put these in. They go in, I look out the window, can see clear as day, then I blink a few times and they pop out.
i`ve put in the 1-Day Acuvue which feel pretty good and I was wearing the Ciba Vision Dailies AquaComfort Plus before which are also pretty good.
I will try to put these in again tomorrow, but so far they just won`t stick to my eye.

By from London, UK on 08.04.2010 15:34

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Im going back to focus dailys

I tried these instead of Focus Daylies. I couldnt get these in as easy as Focus Daylies, I also kept loosing them in my eye. When they did settle I found them dry and itchy. Sorry I am going back to Focus Dailys these are not for me! I cannot however fault the service on here.

By from UK on 07.04.2010 13:11

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best value for money
dont get ripped as easily as other dailies
dont get dry half as quickly.
what more can you ask for?

By from London on 03.04.2010 23:02

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Great value lenses

Had been using Specsavers and Vision Express lenses for the past 5 years, but found myself wearing glasses more often than not. These lenses were perfect for my needs, and gave me no trouble whatsoever. A good choice!

By from Coventry, UK on 26.11.2009 07:30

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No difference

I have moved over to this version after the previous version was discontinued. There is absolutely no difference.

By from Leeds on 02.10.2009 08:24

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Poor compared to the Focus Dailies

While I`ve been using the (equally priced) Focus Dailies for a while, I have decided to try these Softlens and see how they`d compare. Well to my eyes these are much worse. Get dry very quickly, comfort is low, I can stand them for max 4/5 hours. I work with a computer and found the Focus Dailies to be perfectly suited. I cannot say the same about these. I will stick to the focus dailies in the future

By from Edinburgh UK on 04.08.2009 12:15

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